This I my desk that I write on, I spend a lot of time on this desk, and enjoy every minute, I have finely published my story now on Amazon kindle so you can get Joe's Journey now . 

 This is the cover that I have chosen for my kindle book it is not the one I wanted but it is the one I could apply to the cover, it is my art work of Joe I hope you like it I am thinking of adding more to my story so I can maybe publish a paperback later, but I am working on another story so I don't know how long it will take me, I hope I am granted the time as I am seventy three, well that is all for now , "stay safe".

Track Name

 This is Patch, I  sketched him out in between writing the story, it did not take me very long to do, it is only a quick sketch.

I have no books out of my own yet, but hope to in the future, until then I will try to make this page as interesting as possible, I have few things up my sleeves, so that will be added over time, if you do visit do please visit again, thank you..