This is Joe the story is mainly about him and patch, he starts life in a normal family life, he turn's into a lovely handsome man and meets the love of his life! but during his life an unexpecting change happens to him that turn his life upside down, and that leads to him becoming an old tramp, but help comes his way and his life becomes better again .


This I my desk that I write on, I spend a lot of time on this desk, and enjoy every minute, I have finely published my story now on Amazon kindle so you can get Joe's Journey now . 

 This is the cover that I have chosen for my kindle book it is not the one I wanted but it is the one I could apply to the cover, it is my art work of Joe I hope you like it I am thinking of adding more to my story so I can maybe publish a paperback later, but I am working on another story so I don't know how long it will take me, I hope I am granted the time as I am seventy three, well that is all for now , "stay safe".

 Hi this is my cover for my short story that is now on sale on Amazon  I am trying to get a link, but it is a bit difficult at the moment until I can find a way to get the link on my website.

 This is Molly who is also in my story she is a very strong lady, she never married she was a school teacher who retired early in life, she always wanted to travel, Joe and molly meet up in the story and become very good friends after their chance meeting that is very unusual indeed, Molly is a bit of a character.

 This is Patch, I  sketched him out in between writing the story, it did not take me very long to do, it is only a quick sketch.