Hi I hope you like my authors page although I am a writer as I have not published yet so I don't consider myself an author.

To tell This story took me five years to write, it was mostly the editing that took the time I found it very difficult and time consuming 

This I my desk that I write on, I spend a lot of time on this desk, and enjoy every minute.

Wooden Hut



This is a short version of my story that I am sharing with you, I would be grateful if you could give me a review on it good or bad, I will take it on board, thank you.

This is a story of a man who lost his way after a tragic accident, and misfortune.

 But along his Journey he has a chance meeting with a little friend who give's him love and affection along the way, they were both very lonely and lost with nowhere to go, so they set off on their Journey together not knowing which way to turn, or where they would end up.

Track Name

 This is Patch, I  sketched him out in between writing the story, it did not take me very long to do, it is only a quick sketch.

I have no books out of my own yet, but hope to in the future, until then I will try to make this page as interesting as possible, I have few things up my sleeves, so that will be added over time, if you do visit do please visit again, thank you..


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