Updated: Jan 23

Mrs Spider was a dear old lady who had a love of spiders, she kept this spider call Henry, he was a shy cheerful spider but looked quit fearsome, Mrs spider use to keep him in his own little home she made for him out of a big box, and he use to sleep in there.

Mrs Spider did not have many friends because of her spider, everyone use to run indoors when she took henry out for a walk, he was very big and use to get his legs tangled up so she had to untangle them, it was quite nice to have the whole neighbourhood to there selves, but Henry was upset he wanted someone to play with, there was a little boy who lived near them who loved spiders, and he use to go to the park, and this particular day Mrs Sider went to the park with her spider.

When Henry seen the little boy he ran as fast as he could getting his legs all tangled up, the little boy started laughing because he looked so funny, when Henry finally got near the little boy, the boy said hello my name is "Simon", " what is your name?, and Mrs Spider said his name was Henry, then Simon said lets go to the park together next time Henry

Marilyn Reilly

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