Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Amie was a shy little girl that was protected very closely by her mum, she had everything a child could want except she did not have a dad, her dad was killed in the second world war , she has only seen photos of him.
She is five years old starting school , her mother Jain has a very good job she still works for the government and it is a very secret job, that is why her mother does not have many friends.
Amie wanted a party for her birthday , but because of the work her mother was involved in, it was very difficult for her to have people in, not that she was doing anything fundamentally wrong herself, but Amie's father was a traitor in the second world war, although her mother had his child Amie , they never married, so it was a secret of Jain's and she was afraid that if people got to close they would find out who Amie's father was , so she hid his photo so nobody would ever find out who he was, but this would be a problem for her daughter .

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