"Starting Them Young"

Updated: Apr 21

Josie, rushed home from school every evening to read her book , her mum was getting very concerned about her, all the other kids rushed home to play out, but not Josie, so her mum asked why she never played out?, Josie replied, because I want to read, her mum then replied, but its not healthy to stay indoors all the time, so they agreed to have a time that she went out to play, this went on for some years until Josie was in her teen's, her mum was getting worried that she was not getting enough fresh air, so they went out for walks as much as they could.

As Josie got older she was reading even more, so her mother bought her a diary for Christmas, then Josie started writing more, when Josie got home from work, she also started to go out, and that pleased her mum, but Josie was writing more and more , then she got a computer, her mum said I suppose you will start writing on there now?, that's the idea mum, well make sure you go out as well, I will Josie said, Josie was writing a lot until she had finished the story she was writing, her mother read the story and was amazed at what she read, this is good Josie, now I know why you always wanted to read.

Josie became a very great writer, and sold so many books that it became her future as a writer, and her mother and father are very proud of her.

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