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Coffee, and deep thoughts for Book

My decision to re-write Joe's "Journey in the midst of an inner circle," was not decided lightly, the book was my first and being a first time author you have to to take risk which I did do, but those risks are too much to let my book go through now, they say you're book is your baby and that's how it feels to me.

So I am going to give my baby another chance, by giving it a make over, my journey in writing has been an interesting one with ups and downs but it's been a prosses of learning lessons and I've learnt a lot to do with writing.

And now it's time to re-write as I have got someone I can trust and help me now so maybe the second time around will be the right decision.

If you need any questions about why I am re-writing you can message me, but I will try my best to make the story more interesting to read.


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