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A nice short read, Joe met Sophie as children in the war and they later marry, however, tragedy is about to strike, Joe’s life is decimated. Throughout the book, joe meets Molly over a lottery ticket and later visits the USA to see his sister for three weeks, Without giving the storyline this is a bitter-sweet tale, a few typing errors and realignment of paragraphs would enhance it.

Review, Sam Thompson 

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This compelling narrative explores the intertwined lives of Joe and Sophie, who first encountered each other as children during a tumultuous time of war. Their connection deepens over the years, leading to their eventual marriage. However, their happiness is soon shattered by an impending tragedy, leaving Joe's life utterly devastated. The story takes an unexpected turn when Joe crosses paths with Molly, a pivotal encounter spurred by a lottery ticket. Additionally, a significant plot development unfolds as Joe embarks on a poignant journey to the United States, where he reunites with his sister for a three-week visit. Within the context of this bitter-sweet tale, a few minor typing errors can be rectified, and the paragraphs can be strategically realigned to enhance the overall reading experience.

review from; Rashmi 

Kesharwani on Amazon 

This book is about Joe's life. I enjoyed reading about the decisions of the characters, how they change during the story. The characters are well written, we learn about their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Everyone will find lessons and insights for themselves in this story.

Review, my good friend Alex

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